Early Retirement: It’s Simple, But Not Easy ...

Early Retirement: It’s Simple, But Not Easy ft Deacon Hayes and Douglas Tsoi

Early Retirement? I always thought that sounds like something only for silent velcro millionaires or tech bros – but it can be achievable without a windfall. We talk about the keys of starting with your values, budgeting, and using frugality to build up an income stream where you don’t have to have a traditional job.

We have two folks who are early retired or FIRE’d (Financially Independent/Retired Early) on to share the basics of building an early retirement plan. It’s a long episode, but a good one, I think!


You can get Deacon at Well Kept Wallet’s “Debt Free in 18 Months” course for free if you follow this link. Get his excellent book “You Can Retire Early” if you want to learn more!

Douglas Tsoi’s Financial Freedom Course at Portland Underground Grad School

Paula Pant at Afford Anything’s rental case studies and rental calculations

My favorite book about financial independence: The Simple Path to Wealth  (amazon affiliate link)