I’m hiring an editor!

Oh My Dollar! is hiring a skilled editor for our radio show and podcast.

This is contract gig and pays $50 – $75 per show depending on length and complexity (shows are 20-35 minutes) and there’s 45 shows a year. The editorial calendar is planned quarterly so you will always have notice of what’s coming down, but usually there’s weekly deadlines.

This is a remote, part-time position, done on your own schedule. You do not have to be eligible to work in the US for this role or be located in the US, but you must be a confident writer & editor in English. I am currently based in Pacific Time, but all hours will be remote and location does not matter. This role could expand to a a co-producer role (if that is your goal).

You should:

  • Be a confident audio engineer and editor in your editor of choice (Pro Tools, Final Cut, etc)
  • Able to meet specific broadcast specs for decibel levels/compression
  • Able to keep to deadlines when given enough notice
  • Have excellent communication skills around deadlines
  • Understand FCC compliance and be able to flag and edit out any violations (cursing/calls to action/payola) – these are rare but you need to have an ear for them

What will you do?

  • make Lillian sound smart
  • editing out ums, ahs and restatements
  • inserting intro and outro music
  • inserting audio from listener questions or interviews with sources
  • inserting sounds for programmatic ad breaks
  • clean up audio files that guests recorded on a tin can (to the best quality possible)
  • selecting a spicy 15-second clip of the show and exporting as separate file for social media promo
  • attend a quarterly meeting about the editorial calendar (paid $50/hr)
  • send an invoice on a monthly basis to Lillian (I usually pay through paypal, but am open to other options)


  • Familiar with OMD and our  “voice”
  • You have an interest in personal finance and economics
  • You have life experiences that give you a different perspective on finances and bring diversity to our team
  • You would be interested in growing this role into a co-producer role
  • You also have interest/skill in video editing if we ever stop abandoning our youtube channel

How long will it take every week?

This depends on your own editing speed. Oh My Dollar! is mostly scripted with only one voice most of the time so it’s usually an easy edit. Generally it takes me about 1 hour to edit a 25 minute episode.

The show is sent to you at a minimum 1 week before deadline, and you will then pass off the edit to the transcriptionist. Generally, you will have show audio with 2 weeks before air date.

Roughly 1 out of every 5 shows are more complicated edits because they are interviews and have way more cuts. All the interviews are virtual during covid, so more audio engineering is needed correct the less-good audio in those cases.

What is OMD?

Wow, I have no idea how you got all the way down here but… if you don’t know about Oh My Dollar!, it is an education and media company focused on personal finance for folks that aren’t represented by traditional personal finance. Our brand is adorable (cats), approachable, and non-judgmental. We have a podcast and broadcast radio show that reaches over 50,000 people each week, a robust online forum with a global reach, a product business, and a very underdeveloped youtube channel. We seek to produce friendly and journalistic content about how finances affect the lives of those that you don’t see represented in typical personal finance media.

Our Pay It Fur-ward program is focused on working with non-profits serving homeless and transitional youth, particularly GLBTQI+ youth, to teach financial literacy and provide free books. This program teaches about 200 students a year.

How to apply

Email a resume, a short description of your experience in radio/podcasting and why you’re interested in this gig, and a link to a published audio piece you’ve worked on or your portfolio to lillian@ohmydollar.com.  DO NOT attach audio files to the email, I will not open it because viruses. Your subject line should be OMD Podcast Editor.

Deadline is December 20th, 2020.