Bonus How to find your objective function (life pu...

Bonus How to find your objective function (life purpose) ft Malcolm and Simone Collins

This bonus episode is probably one of my favorite dense episodes that’s a departure from our normal topic: Malcolm and Simone Collins are a married couple and tour de force for figuring out your values with brutal pragmatism – your objective function, as they call it. We cover topics like “what are logical fallacies people make with money?” and “how do emotions help you actually find your values?”  and “if your number one value is family, how do you relate that to career and money?”

If you want to dive into their book, which I loved for all it’s weightiness, it is $.99 on Amazon: The Pragmatist’s Guide to Life: A Guide to Creating Your Own Answers to Life’s Biggest Questions  and their foundation The Pragmatist Foundation.