Money Bootcamp

Get Your Money Together Bootcamp
[heading text=”Get Your Money Together Bootcamp” tag=”h3″ bot=”0px”][heading text=”Practical, no-judgement financial literacy” tag=”h5″]

Does thinking about money make you want to bury your head in the sand? Learn to manage your budget so that it doesn’t manage you. In a non-judgemental space, over 3 weekly classes, we’ll tackle your biggest money worries and you’ll come out with a solid plan for your finances. We’ll cover:

  • Budgeting without crying
  • Save on slim or variable income
  • Breaking the paycheck-to-paycheck cycle
  • Conquering debt
  • “Am I saving enough for retirement? WTF is investing?”
  • Learn to use credit for good, not evil
  • Mortgages 101
  • How to avoid getting hit with overdraft fees because you’re afraid to look at your bank account
  • Financial considerations while traveling or living abroad
  • How to choose a bank and bank products that make sense for you

Start your New Year’s resolution to “Start Adulting” and have a plan in place in less than a month!

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