Welcome to Oh My Dollar! This place runs on Lillian’s passion for helping people create new financial stories.

I help artists, small business owners, nonprofit worker bees, and millennials smash debt, save up for their goals, and budget like the badasses they are.

I host a weekly radio show & podcast on covering all those things you should’ve been taught about money.

Money is just a means of exchange – so why does it have so much power to make us anxious and stressed?

You’ll identify where your values and your money intersect and come out with clear goals that make sense for your personal priorites (no cookie cutter goals for you!)

Maybe you want to attack your student loans and say “Goodbye, Sallie Mae!” for the last time. Or maybe you want to save for a big trip around the world or a down payment. Or maybe you just want to escape the stressful paycheck-to-paycheck lifestyle.

You’ll craft a plan that makes sense and get moving on your next big goal.

401(k), IRA, 529, what do all these things mean? Am I saving enough? Can I afford to save for retirement when I still have student loans?

It’s not rocket science, but it sure isn’t intuitive-  we’ll walk through it together.

About Lillian

I’m passionate about helping people achieve financial well-being no matter their income. It’s not about how much you make, but about your relationship to money. For every broke person making six figures (and there’s a lot of them!), there’s a person who earns a modest salary but is making the right money choices.

Even if it meant working 5 jobs after I got out of college, I’ve saved nearly half of my income, have stayed debt-free, donated 5% of my spending, and have traveled to over 25 countries on a modest non-profit salary.

I want to help you feel confident about your financial future so you can do what matters to you – and I’ll do whatever it takes to teach you what you need to know about money – without the jargon or the product sales!

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